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Technology is changing every industry today, but few are seeing the depth of change that theEngineering and Construction sectors are. From large-scale mega projects to the construction of atunnel, bridge or other civil engineering operation, technology is having a significant impact on the way projects are managed. Most of Foresee’s consultants came from the Engineering andConstruction industry themselves uniquely positioning our firm to assist companies in adopting new technologies. Leveraging our deep technical and industry specific expertise, Foresee delivers industry best practice templates that will drive efficiencies in the project delivery process.

Our CEO, Mark Bodner co-authored a White Paper entitled “InformationMatters – The State of Project Management Today” focused on identifying the problems that typically cause mega-projects to be delivered late and/or over budget, and their proposed integrated solution designed to create greater transparency between the project record and the accounting system.

Energy + Utilities Clients

Rudolph Libbe Group
Tetra Tech
Rudolph Libbe Group

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