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Implementing Your New Software

In order to best leverage 4C Innovations’ software solutions, we have partnered with Foresee Consulting to provide you with access to the most experienced implementation team in the industry. With over 150 collective years of experience and lessons learned, the Foresee team has successfully delivered hundreds of implementations across public and private sector entities, including State, Local, Higher Education, and Healthcare. By aligning business practices to strategic capital objectives, Foresee strives to enhance operational efficiency and achieve increased collaboration and will ensure that 4C Innovations’ software is configured to each customer’s needs. The unique methodology employed by Foresee Consulting ensures the maximum value from each 4C Innovations product in alignment with historical software or newly tailored solutions.

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Learning Your New Software

In order to fully maximize the potential of 4C Innovations’ software, we have developed customized training to meet your specific needs. We understand the value of confidence in user adoption for our customers and our globally renowned instructors have the training expertise to ensure self-sufficiency. Foresee’s Training Director Karen Fitting has over twenty years training experience, ten of which focused specifically on Oracle’s Unifier. Using combinations of YouTube videos, live support, Webinars, and in-person sessions, she has taught courses around the globe on everything from system administration to advanced design and configuration. The training courses that she provides are designed to ensure complete understanding, increase overall comprehension and master adoption.