Web-based technology streamlines forecasting, consolidates cost data and enables real-time adjustment of forecasts across multiple projects, provides much-needed resolve for rate card challenges.

February 22, 2022, Las Vegas – 4C Innovations, a leading provider of software solutions that drive optimal capital project performance, has launched a game-changing solution, CURA™ Forecasting for the utilities industry.

CURA™ Forecasting has an intuitive web-based user interface converting complex variables into actionable insights to effectively manage project cashflow and resource requirements giving the utilities industry the first platform that addresses a single-view of multiple projects at one time.

“Originally conceived to meet the demands of our Oracle Primavera Unifier clients working with a variety of ERP systems, CURA™ Forecasting has been developed to support organizations with the foresight to utilize any technology they’ve embraced to control their projects and predict future costs,” said Mark Bodner, CEO of 4C Innovations.

Benefits can accrue to entities using any combination of Project Management Information System (PMIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as CURA™ Forecasting is designed to sit on top of any database to extract data in real-time. The intuitive user interface enables users to complete in-depth analysis of actual data and re-forecast for variances across an extensive portfolio of projects monthly and annually. 

“Even with effective executive governance, standard processes, and supporting technologies, organizations struggle to integrate data across multiple sources to generate timely and accurate project forecasts on a monthly and annual basis, but this is now achieved with CURA™ Forecasting,” said Mr. Bodner.

The software extracts data from multiple source systems into a single platform that allows utility program managers to access critical project information in real-time to accurately generate forecasts with organization defined rules. Standardized forecasting rules and timely data are critical components to aggregate information for executive pro-active decision making. 

Program managers can now efficiently integrate data across a variety of company database and confidently adjust for externalities to precisely forecast and optimize resources to better predict project outcomes.

CURA™ Forecasting is a robust alternative to excel spreadsheets and will overcome restrictive toolsets, as managers can view multiple projects and make adjustments at the same time,” said Garrett Lyions, Vice President of Business Development at 4C Innovations.

CURA™ Forecasting generates historical analysis and auto calculations to the forecasting model based on real-time updates of cost information and forecast elements, providing managers with timely and accurate forecasts at a program level.

“We are very excited to see how project managers will elevate their operations and resources with immediate visibility of forecasts and the ability to identify and track variances across forecasts,” said Mr. Lyions.

4C Innovations’ CURA™ Forecasting is now launched in the US and will shape the future of project forecasting worldwide, as managers can now leverage project capabilities and adapt to supply chain issues and unexpected challenges.

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